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THC Content 22%. Hybrid Strain


There are two different strains that call themselves Titanium. One is an almost entirely Indica strain created by the Vancouver Island Seed Company and the other is mostly Sativa, a product of Connoisseur Genetics. Tasting heavily of Kush, Vancouver's version of Titanium is a cross between their strain Fucking Incredible, the father, and most likely Hindu Kush. It produces effects that one would expect from such a heritage, knocking many patients on their butts and sending them to bed with a strong stoned sensation. Possibly effective medication for chronic pain and insomnia.

Connoisseur Genetics' strain Titanium, is the child of Titan's Haze from the Flying Dutchman and G-13 Haze from Soma Seeds. To create Titan's Haze, the Flying Dutchman crossed their Skunk #1 and original Haze. Titanium's other parent is a mix of the Indica G-13 and Neville's Super Haze. Connoisseur's strain tastes sweet and haze-like, producing high-flying cerebral buzz. It may be used to treat anxiety, stress and mood disorders.

Titanium Diamond Sauce

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