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Sour Diesel is one of the most sought-after and popular marijuana strains globally, characterized by a very distinctive aroma and a very good yield with excellent quality buds. In this guide, we explore it.

Features of Sour Diesel

Lovers of cannabis know her well: the name itself evokes very specific and distinctive feelings.

That's because Sour Diesel isn't just one of the cannabis strains; one of the best known and most loved in the world, but it also has the characteristics that make it immediately recognizable.

Like all "legendary" marijuana strains, Sour Diesel has a mysterious origin that is hotly debated among its connoisseurs.

It is a variety with a predominance sativa; to be exact, she has an outstanding balance of 70% Sativa and 30 % indica.

As it is often called, Sour D produces compact, spherical buds that are also very pleasing to the eye.

Sour Diesel owes its name to its intense bouquet, which is very reminiscent of the smell and taste of Diesel.

Those who have never tried this variety of marijuana might think such a feature would be nasty, but it's actually something quite spectacular.

The terpene profile of Sour Diesel flowers is incredibly rich. Among the terpenes, myrcene is one of the most important, giving the flowers of this strain an earthy, musky aroma.

With its citrus touch, Limonene also contributes to the unique character of Sour Diesel. On the other hand, Caryophyllene completes the fragrance with its black pepper and rosemary notes.

All these elements combine in a perfect and incomparable balance, making Sour Diesel one of the cannabis strains the most famous globally, just like other celebrities like OG Kush.

Sour Diesel Effects

As a Sativa-dominant strain, Sour Diesel contains a fair amount of THC (about 19%), which gives rise to a "high" that could be described as lucid because it does not involve loss of judgment, and which manifests itself shortly after consumption and lasts a long time.

Most regular users of Sour Diesel report a positive effect of mood enhancement, euphoria, and stress relief.

Cognitive abilities and creativity are positively boosted after consumption, as are sociability and the urge to talk, making Sour Diesel the ideal weed for smoking with friends.

Others like to sip Sour Diesel at the start of the day, perhaps with a cup of coffee, to take advantage of its ability to boost productivity and help with daily tasks.

Likewise, many people report Sour Diesel's ability to boost libido, which is why it's also a favorite strain for couples who like to smoke in the bedroom.

A few hours after consumption, the typically stimulating effects of cannabis Sativa begin to fade and give way to the naturally relaxing and soothing effects of indica.

When the indica component of this variety comes into play, characterized by the presence of CBD, the relaxing effect becomes predominant, and you may even feel sleepy.

As for side effects, Sour Diesel can frequently cause dry mouth and eyes, less often headaches, and very rarely, in large amounts, paranoia.

However, these effects disappear spontaneously within a few hours of consumption.

Cultivation tips

Sour Diesel is a pleasant plant to grow, especially since it is a Sativa variety.

Sour Diesel is a pleasant plant to grow, especially since it is a Sativa variety. She flowers relatively quickly and produces compact, spherical buds in generous quantities.

The specimens, when grown indoors, reach a height of 160 cm, but with the use of techniques such as the ScrOG, it is possible to limit the size to about one meter. Indoors, you can harvest 525g/m² of buds after a flowering time of 9-11 weeks.

When outside, Sour Diesel easily reaches 200 cm. It will take more time to prune the plants, but the bountiful yields will reward any effort.

You can get up to 600g/plant harvested at the end of October. Sour Diesel prefers mild climates.

Sour Diesel Seeds

Unfortunately, this strain is only found in clone form and is often very hard to find. Due to the rarity of this strain, many hybrids attempt to mimic the effects of the original Sour Diesel. Some even come close, but it's not the same.

Other varieties of Diesel

The origins of the Diesel strain are shrouded in a shroud of legend and mystery, beginning in the early 1990s.

This strain is not the result of a selection process that lasted years but of a simple stroke of luck.

It all started with the discovery of 13 seeds in a bag, which turned out to be the premium quality sinsemilla and gave rise to one of the most popular genetics of the contemporary era.

The cannabis seeds germinated and, when ripe, they showed very particular characteristics. The sour citrus, earth, and petroleum aromas were simply unique, and the levels of THC were extraordinary for the time.

The new strain and its sisters quickly became timeless classics, often used by breeders to create new genetics.

Today, descendants of this strain are considered prime examples of weed high-quality modern. In this list, you will find some of the best diesel hybrids currently in circulation.


The unhybridized version of this dominant variety sativa deservedly gained enormous popularity. Any solid and hardy Diesel specimen can easily grow and withstand pest attacks. The buds give off a characteristic aroma of tangerine and citrus fruits as well as an intense smell of gasoline. This beautiful sativa offers a very relaxing, cerebral effect in nature.


Chiesel is a clear and very productive Sativa-dominant hybrid. By combining the high yields of the Cheese strain with the incredible performance of the Diesel genetics, a unique hybrid was born, incorporating the best characteristics of both strains.

Traditional diesel flavors combine harmoniously with the modern, pungent tones of citrus and grapefruit, as well as hints of petroleum. Chiesel is the perfect example of cannabis variety ultimate with its energizing, euphoric, and uplifting effect.

Strawberry Sour Diesel

Strawberry Sour Diesel is an impressively tall Sativa-dominant plant. Strawberry and cherry aromas combine with lemon, lime, and petroleum scents to deliver an unforgettable sensory experience.

The powerful and cerebral Sativa high generates psychedelic, uplifting and energizing sensations. The presence of indica genetics adds a nice, functional feeling of physical heaviness that won't leave you on the couch. This strain is an absolute powerhouse, ideal for any cannabis connoisseur.

Original Glue

Formerly known as Gorilla Glue, this indica-dominant hybrid took center stage from the start. The strain got this name because its buds, covered in a thick resin layer, are as sticky as glue. In addition, the minimum level of THC is the same as the maximum average of many others. Anyone who decides to grow Original Glue will be captivated by this potent plant.

Undertones of petroleum and Kush offset aromas of pine and chocolate. The main physical effects are deeply relaxing, with well-balanced cerebral stimulation. Notice to novice smokers: this is a superior experience.


A true therapeutic strain with a CBD ratio: THC raised; Cannatonic is a 50% indica-50% Sativa hybrid popular with medicinal users ever since its release. The dark green, caramel-colored buds develop terpenes rich in resin with an unmistakable aroma of citrus and pine.

The high THC content and the right level of CBD provide an ideal therapeutic combination.

Recreational cannabis users will be pleasantly surprised by the entourage effect.

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